Peruvian Adventures

Hola Amigos! Yes it is true, I have returned from Peru… and what an experience it was. Heading to Peru, I wasn’t sure what to expect of their cuisine. Since I heard their specialty was cuy (grilled guinea pig) and alpaca steaks, I was a bit hesitant about what I might order. After my first … Continue reading


Pizza Party!

When it comes to pizza, I love my Pizza Pizzazz, but nothing beats a great homemade pizza. The fun thing about making your own pizza pie is that your choices of toppings are only limited by the courage of your taste buds. Until recently, I have been a very picky eater and my pizzas were … Continue reading


Twisted Cupcakes

This St. Patrick’s Day was definitely one to remember. So when the day was over, I couldn’t help but try and prolong the celebration. Monday was a good friend’s birthday, so I whipped up a batch of homemade Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s frosting, inspired by my favorite holiday. I have never been a great baker so I … Continue reading


Enchilada Time

Sorry for the late post this week, it’s been a hectic one trying to get everything in order before spring break (and my interview in Kansas City!) The other night I did have time to whip up a batch of enchiladas though and these have been feeding me all week – along with a meal … Continue reading


Birthday Specials

It is a tradition in my family to feast on birthdays, and the food prepared for the feast is whatever the birthday boy or girl requests. I haven’t been home for my birthday since I left for Simpson College four years ago, so I’ve been missing out on this wonderful tradition. I decided all that should … Continue reading