National Grilled Cheese Day

Yes there is now such a thing as National Grilled Cheese Day. Since I am a huge fan of this simple meal, and because I am currently battling a sore throat and cough, I decided to honor this day by making a simple meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Unless you regularly dwell in the depths of a cave, you probably know how to make this meal For those of you who fear the stove top, follow my directions and I guarantee you too can take part in the festivities of the day.


  • Bread – I choose a healthy Oatnut loaf… My favorite
  • Butter
  • Cheese – I used Colby Jack to mix it up. Velveeta is my next pick.
  • 1 can Campbell’s Tomato Soup
  1. First thing to do is to heat the pan to medium heat. You don’t want to go any hotter or else you will most likely burn your bread.
  2. Next, butter a piece of bread, and place the butter side down on the hot pan.
  3. Add desired amounts of cheese. I used at least three slices (I love cheese). Place other slice of bread on top the cheese and butter the top.
  4. Allow the cheese to melt and the bottom side of the bread to become a medium brown, flip and repeat with second slice.
  5. While grilled cheese is cooking, follow the simple directions on the back of the Campbell’s soup can – add water and heat – to make a great soup to dip your sandwich in. If you want a thicker soup add a little cream or shredded cheese.
  6. I cut the sandwich in halves or quarters to ensure easy dipping. Enjoy!

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