Peruvian Adventures

Hola Amigos!

Yes it is true, I have returned from Peru… and what an experience it was. Heading to Peru, I wasn’t sure what to expect of their cuisine. Since I heard their specialty was cuy (grilled guinea pig) and alpaca steaks, I was a bit hesitant about what I might order. After my first Peruvian dining experience I realized I was so wrong to think their food would be anything but appetizing though. Their produce is always fresh, their meat is tender and juicy,  and the sea food is to die for.

Although the food is fantastic, there are some things you have to be careful about when traveling to this country. First and foremost, do not drink the water – or anything that’s been washed in it. This rule made me hesitant to eat produce in Peru. I never ordered a salad (even though they looked fantastic) and I only ate produce that was peeled like melon, avocados, squashes, etc. The second rule I have about what you consume is to watch your alcohol intake in Peru. A great dinner always tastes better with a great glass of wine or a Pisco Sour (Peru’s national drink). But most of the places I traveled were at high altitudes. Let me tell you, this definitely messes with the way your body handles alcohol of any sorts. Just pace yourself and make sure to pair your drinks with a bottle of water.

Now for the fun part: the food! Of the entire trip, there was one meal that surpassed everything else. My roommate and I ventured away from our group for lunch one day and stumbled into Green’s, and entirely local restaurant in Cuzco. Wowza did it rock! Everything from this bistro is 90-100% organic and everything is bought local. The freshness of the food is evident from the first bite you take. My choice for lunch: fried cheese with mango salsa followed by an oriental chicken wrap with fresh guacamole.

Another great experience I had in Cuzco was at Fallen Angel. This is a very avant-garde restaurant in the conquistador, Fansisco Pizarro’s renovated mansion. Although their steak driven menu was spectacular, the deco of this restaurant made it stand apart from anywhere else I traveled in Peru. They have everything from flying pigs to disco balls to bath tub tables. For dinner, I sat on a daybed covered in black and red leather hearts. All around the most unique dining experience I’ve ever had in my life. My meal: Steak in it’s Juices with Potato Pies.

Bathtub made aquarium made dinner table… Live fish included.

And of course my dinner for the evening.

These restaurants are just the two favorite from my two week trip. I’m still jet lagged so give me some time before I share more from my experience abroad.


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